Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve - Zone
Zone No.-7

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Zone 7 (Chidikho): Rajbagh Naka, Chidikho, Jamoda, Kushalipura

In 1984 adjoining areas of Ranthambhore National Park (RNP) was also elevated to the status of a Wildlife Sanctuary and named Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary (SMS) with a total area of 113 sq. kms. In December 2007 the sanctuary was included in the Critical Tiger Habitat (CTH) of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve (RTR). This sanctuary has places of interest like Chidikho, Balas, Qualji, Mahakho, Jojeshwar and Jamoda.

The inclusion of this area in the CTH has helped parts of the sanctuary regenerate due to effective protection and management interventions. Visitors can now see Dhok trees (Anogeissus pendula) that were severely degraded due to overgrazing reclaim its space and this has caused a wide range of herbivore population to re-inhabit these parts today. Tigers have also started routinely visiting these areas and some of them have settled in SMS.

To continue its efforts further and create inviolate space to do away with the anthropogenic pressures on the Tiger Habitat, a village relocation program initiated by the NTCA has been taken up by the Forest Department. Villages of Kalibhat, Hindwad are under process of relocation. Relocation of these two villages would create space for 2 additional tigers in SMS.

Highlights - Caves with seasonal water visited by birds & animals. High bird diversity hence the name chidi, tendu tree stands. There are dhak trees (Butea monosperma) called ‘Flame of the Forest’, that turns red during summers. The place offers good sloth bear sighting, cliffs inhabited by leopards, Sita mata hill, Jamoda pure water stream, spotting tigers T34 & T8 , Hyena caves, landscapes and yellow grass meadows in winters.