Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve - Zone
Zone No.-6

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Zone 6 (Kundal): Rajbagh Naka, Palli Darwaza, Kundal Area, Patwa Baori, Sonkach, Kala Pani, exit from Rajbagh Naka

Characterized by Palli darwaja ‘Gate’ upon entry gives the visitor a unique feeling on entering RTR. Kundal is a unique exercise by the Rajasthan Forest Department to revive the Critical Tiger Habitat (CTH) by involving local communities to support conservation. The gujjar graziers have been involved in a unique role as nature guides. This indirectly created social fence in the area by putting them as the public face involved with tourists and the local habitats. Thereby degraders of the forests are now its protectors, as a result the habit is now regenerated attracting large herbivore populations and ultimately carnivores.

Highlights: Good herbivores (chital, Sambhar, Blue bull), wild boar, sloth bear, leopard and tiger sightings. Beautiful grass meadows and seasonal streams and waterfalls. Good bird diversity.